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Department of oncology Yiling Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University, Hebei Yiling hospital key departments, the Department of the "eight character principle, principle of treatment, comprehensive collaborative targeting, minimally invasive, the use of" one of the four treatment intervention plus biotherapy and individualized treatment of Tongluo anticancer Chinese medicine + tumor, comprehensive treatment of various benign and malignant tumors. The use of the WHO three ladder analgesia principle fundamentally controls cancerous pain. Especially for inoperable, postoperative recurrence, radiotherapy, recurrent metastasis in patients with advanced tumors, the treatment has unique characteristics and significant advantages of diagnosis and treatment.

The use of the WHO three ladder analgesia principle fundamentally controls cancerous pain

He is an advanced lung cancer patients, it can only live for about a year in the doctor, but the Hebei Yiling hospital with new treatment model, we are able to work. His health Fuling shocked many people. In this regard, director of oncology Yiling Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University professor Liu Hanju introduced, mainly due to their rehabilitation patients through summarizing clinical practice, to explore a green, comprehensive and individualized treatment mode of a set of traditional medicine and modern science combined.

Director Liu reminder: for some high-risk groups, such as 40 years of age, smokers, or no cause weight loss, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms, you need to do it consciously for examination or screening of tumor.


For the treatment of tumors, mainly by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy as the main method, but for patients with advanced tumors, often because of age, physical weakness, multiple metastases and not suitable for surgery, or because of recurrence again lost the chance of operation, or for not only sensitive to chemotherapy or chemotherapy "serious impact on life at a loss what to do, and the quality of life. Based on this situation, Hebei Yiling Hospital experts after years of clinical practice, give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, from modern medical technology, successfully find out effective regimens for advanced treatment of a variety of tumor and method.

Tongluo anticancer Chinese medicine +Tumor intervention +Biological therapy+Individual treatment

For the first visit of Ms. Lee scene, director of oncology Hebei Yiling hospital Liu Hanju still remember. "Just at the time of admission old pulse weak, feeble listlessness, speak, pale." Liu Hanju said, because the pain of cancer pain, the old man always trembling with pain. Ms. Li, who was over seventy years old, is now looking good and speaks with great confidence. But five years ago, she was still feeling very sorry: "because of the pain, she was paralyzed in bed every day, and she simply didn't listen."." Lee said, because the pain has been unbearable, and a move on the pain, sleep for half an hour will be hurt wake up, she even thought of suicide.

Liu Hanju said that the pain of patients with malignant tumors is caused by the growth of tumors, most of the malignant tumors in the middle and late will have varying degrees of pain. The cancer pain is very stubborn, if you can not get the good pain, and even cause a feeling for the patient,


seriously affecting the quality of life.

Considering Lee older, physical weakness, pain and more serious symptoms, director Liu Hanju led the oncology team, according to the actual situation of Lee, first take the painkiller treatment with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, to relieve the patients with cancer pain; combined with hyperthermia, treatment with bone metastasis and after several sessions, Ms. Lee will obviously feel pain, how can eat a meal. After Lee has always insisted on the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment to control the disease, the past five years, Lee not only pain, but every day insist on walking for nearly an hour, most of the time to chat together in the area of the sun and other old neighbor.

The Department has unique diagnosis and treatment characteristics and rich clinical experience for all kinds of benign and malignant tumors.

Comprehensive, synergistic, targeted and minimally invasive treatment of tumors

Recently, the success of Hebei Yiling hospital is a 46 year old myoma of uterus in patients with the implementation of the ultrasonic focusing ablation (HIFU), according to the patient's tumor size three times, each time for about 40 minutes or so, ultrasonic angiography showed the ablation effect satisfied, observed two days to discharge.

Since this year, the introduction of HIFU equipment, Yiling hospital oncology, this technology has been applied in treatment of liver and pancreas of benign and malignant tumor were dozens of cases, the effect is significant. The first use of sea knife in the treatment of uterine fibroids in obstetrics and Gynecology, also achieved good results. This indicates that the direction of micro invasive treatment will become a new trend in future surgery.

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