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Yiling Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University endocrine Department of diabetes(diabetes treatment center in Hebei Province Chinese Medicine) brings together a number of endocrine medical experts, clinical and experimental study on long-term commitment to diabetes and complications, continue to absorb the latest progresses in the treatment of diabetes, make full use of Chinese medicine treatment characteristics, for individualized treatment and drug therapy in individuals with diabetes formulated combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine exercise therapy, diet therapy, health education and a complete set of. The series of drug treatment of diabetes and experimental diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy, cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease and diabetic nephropathy, quick, stable and long time.

Treatment of diabetes with Chinese Medicine

Liu XX, male, 38 years old, (twenty in Taiwan Village Jiangwan Mongolian Autonomous County of Heilongjiang province Durbat) (case No. 52235) cause the left foot pain for 2 months. Hospitalized in 2010-6-8-10:20. Patients in April 2010 without apparent inducement left foot toe swelling and pain, in General Hospital of Daqing Oil Field for lower extremity distal popliteal artery embolism by ultrasound, oral cilostazol, thanks to Aspirin Tablets treatment, symptoms gradually worsened to left foot swelling, cold, intense pain,June 3rd in the two hospital of Harbin Medical University examination ultrasound showed lower extremity arterial thrombosis "the formation of" and oral drugs, intravenous infusion therapy, gradually left foot toe black, at the time of admission in the left hallux black, left foot pain, aggravated at night, can not sleep, appetite, two normal. Cold and fever without fear.


Physical examination: 36.2 C T P BP 122/78mmHg 72 / min, painful face, difficulty walking, pale tongue, yellow greasy moss, pulse string slide double. Under the left ankle, the skin color flush, touch tenderness, cold, left dorsal artery pulse can not be touched. The left foot toe paratelum dark lateral dry necrosis.

Admission diagnosis: TCM diagnosis: sphacelus endoretention of damp heat blood stasis; western medicine diagnosis: thromboangiitis obliterans. Stem cell transplantation for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, be Tongluo after admission, 11 days after the pain, left foot swelling, confined to the left foot thumb inside black, in January after the discharge of left foot pain free, medial left foot toe side black scab, walking as usual.

The effect of diabetic foot Tongluo therapy is gratifying

Patients, Yang, XX, female, 56 years old (West Bridge, Shijiazhuang, Zhen two street) (medical record number: 40828). The main reason for thirst, polydipsia, weight loss for 8 years, left heel gangrene 3 months in 2009-02-12-15:30 hospital treatment. The patient had polydipsia, polydipsia, and emaciation before 2001, and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus". Oral administration of multiple drugs, poor glycemic control. 2 years ago, the left foot toe for ulcers, gangrene, toe off. She had been injected with "normal insulin" and had no control of her blood sugar, so she stopped herself. For 2 years, the patient has been taking hypoglycemic drugs regularly, with polydipsia and frequent urination. 3 months ago, the patients accidentally sprained left foot, left foot swelling pain, use safflower oil rubbed after plantar swelling improved, left heel pain redness, blisters, gradually left heel ulcer.Lower extremity color Doppler


ultrasound was detected in our hospital: left femoral superficial artery stenosis.

The patients were given hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, femoral arterial injection and dressing change. The patients had stable blood sugar and discharged after the improvement. After discharge, the patient stopped the use of insulin on his own, with lower extremities pain, especially the left lower limb. The left heel began to blacken and necrosis. At the time of admission in thirsty and polydipsia, lower extremity pain, left foot more pain, aggravated at night, sleep, difficulty walking, the left foot root festering black, thirsty to drink, two normal. Check: T36.0 C BP / 80mmHg 130 P90 / min, thin body, the left heel at about 2.5 x 4 cm black gangrene, gangrene of skin is hard scab, a little exudation around. The left ankle artery, popliteal artery, dorsalis pedis artery pulse disappeared. Auxiliary examination: random blood sugar 22.4 mmol/L; urine micro albumin 26.3mg/L; glycosylated hemoglobin 14.1%.

"Five Combinations" therapy can effectively treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy

The patient is 72 years old, suffering from hyperlipidemia for more than 30 years, hypertension over 10 years, diabetes more than 1 years, complications have occurred. The color Doppler examination showed that the ascending aorta of the heart was widened, the left ventricular filling was abnormal, and the double renal arteriosclerosis (mild stenosis) was possible. Now taking lipid-lowering drugs, Xuezhikang, antihypertensive drugs, Nifedipine Controlled Release Tablets, indapamide (poor antihypertensive effect in winter), hypoglycemic drugs, metformin.

In diabetes, if complications have occurred (the patient is not specifically talking about complications). Insulin should be used instead of oral hypoglycemic agents. Specifically consult endocrine experts.

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