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Yiling Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University medical institutions in Hebei province is only a set of medical, teaching, scientific research, drug development as a whole, belongs to the group of Affiliated Hospital Department of nephropathy is one of the key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine essence, adhering to China thick,

Hemodialysis patients also play a big role in traditional Chinese Medicine

Ms. Lee, 45 years old. The patient had intermittent double lower extremity edema for 20 months and was admitted 1 weeks later. In patients without apparent inducement had lower extremity edema before February, in the county hospital to check urine protein + +, the diagnosis is unknown, intravenous given penicillin for 14 days, the effect is not obvious.Admission diagnosis: Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis: turbid urine (hot and humid content, stagnation of blood stasis), western medicine diagnosis: nephrotic syndrome.Renal biopsy was performed after admission. The pathological findings were as follows: 1. stage I membranous nephropathy and 2. interlobular atherosclerosis. Give sufficient prednisone plus cyclophosphamide.


And give antihypertensive, anti platelet aggregation, anticoagulant, calcium, anti infection, correct anemia, protect the gastric mucosa, reduce blood lipids and other treatment. Give blood stasis, clearing heat and removing dampness and other comprehensive treatment of Chinese herbal medicine by stages. After 5 months, the 24 hour urinary protein count was 1.54g/24h. The symptoms of the patient improved, discharged, transferred to the outpatient department and continued to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine. After repeated examination of 24 hours urine protein quantification, urine protein quantitative results gradually decreased to normal range. Withdrawal on February 2015. The results have been negative so far. The patient expressed satisfaction.

Treatment of chronic renal failure

Eyelid and lower extremity edema 1 months has been 77 year old patients with MS Liang hospital, has been hospitalized in a provincial hospital, at the time of renal biopsy for the diagnosis of minimal glomerular disease, tubulointerstitial nephritis, be hormone anti-inflammatory, diuretic swelling plasma transfusion and blood dialysis treatment of symptoms. 5 days ago, the double eyelid edema of both eyelids and lower limbs, nausea, abdominal distension, and can not sit up, only the right lateral decubitus. To the hospital after urinalysis showed urinary protein (+ + +), 24 hour urinary protein, creatinine, 5.25g 112umol/L CT showed a large number of pleural effusion and ascites nephropathy Department Zhu Zhaoming director with years of clinical experience, patients with syndromes of spleen and kidney deficiency, damp heat and blood stasis, taking into account the patient had severe illness, and acute at any time may be aggravated,and at the same time, hypertension or diabetes, coronary heart disease, should control the


disease in western medicine cure can be more effective, so the treatment in addition to the application of Western medicine to improve the symptoms of patients, at the same time be the meridians of Chinese medicine treatment.

After 2 weeks of hospitalization treatment, eyelid and lower extremity edema symptoms improved significantly, hydrothorax and ascites were significantly decreased, the diet gradually restored, the results showed that the negative urine protein of 24 hours urinary protein quantitative 0.15g. 20 days after admission, the patient was able to lie flat, edema, symptoms disappeared, and all the examinations were normal.

Yiling Hospital Department of nephropathy expert team, after several years of clinical studies to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine collateral disease theory as a guide the creation of the "righting, regulation, protecting kidney three, can effectively prevent the development of chronic nephritis to renal failure, opens up a new way for the treatment of kidney disease.

Hebei Yiling hospital for treatment of polycystic kidney breakthrough

In January 2015, Ms. Zhang, first unprovoked facial edema, and edema of lower extremities, gross hematuria, no pain, no skin erythema, not pay attention to patients and their families, after edema was aggravated, visits to the local hospital, check the urine protein: 3+. Specific diagnosis ominous, not treated. For the sake of system diagnosis and treatment, especially to our hospital, outpatient service with "unknown edema nephrotic syndrome?" Income institute.

Ligustrazine treatment given blood stasis, Qingrejiedu xiyanping. Patients with dark red tongue, thick and greasy fur, slippery pulse string, TCM is water dampness syndrome, treated with traditional Chinese medicine, spleen dampness, promoting blood circulation.

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